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We start by understanding the type of roles you need to fill in, the frequency of hiring, and your current recruiting capacity. Depending on your needs, we may take up the entire sourcing or provide sourcing help where you need it most. Once we’ve agreed the scope and terms, we sign the paperwork and get going with sourcing


Our team assigns one or a few people to work directly with your team. Together, we create a clear action plan, which includes sourcing goals, deadlines, who needs to do what, how we communicate further, and when to review our progress. We also set up the tools to keep track of everything and store any important info


Once we’ve got some potential candidates, we go over the results together. This review helps us see if we're meeting the goals we set and staying on track with the KPIs. It's all about keeping things clear and open between us so we can tweak our approach if we need to


After our review, fine-tune our sourcing strategies if needed. This might mean planning some new changes, going over them with you, and then putting them into action according to our schedule. This step-by-step refining helps us make sure we're always aligning with your needs and improving our process as we go


Even if our active collaboration ends, we're still here to support you. Whether you need more help with the sourcing outcomes, assistance with other recruiting challenges, or just want some advice, our team is ready to help out


Fixed rate

which is calculated on hourly or monthly basis, based on your hiring needs and the complexity of jobs


on a monthly basis

Helen Paradnik

a Chief Operations Officer


Hired a Head of E-commerce

Diana Hrankina

an Operations Person


Hired a UI/UX designer

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